marco trevisan

In a digital world and a broad commercial market, we believe in craftsmanship, beauty and passion. In constant pursuit of perfection, we experience new styles, materials and processes to achieve real luxury. All steps are made by hand: from the design, the pattern to the finished product. Design, and attention to detail make objects essentials and unique.
Sustainability is also a characteristic of the Marco Trevisan brand. The choice to return to small production, to the awareness of who is behind the product and where it comes from.
As our lives have taken on a slower pace, we decided not to follow the seasons, but to create iconic pieces that last over time. We focused on a high quality, timeless collection and we are constantly looking for new materials and technologies that reduce the environmental impact.

Designer and craftsman, Marco Trevisan has always demonstrated innate creativity and sartorial sense of style.
After studying graphics, he started immediate work in the industry and quickly discovered his strong manual skills and passion for quality craftsmanship.