marco trevisan

MARCO Atelier, a place where every creation is a touching experience that recalls a personal milestone.
I communicate my vision of the world through the use of any medium that I find relevant and within my reach.

Craft is the essence of the Atelier. Each object is handcrafted combining technical and material knowledge with artistic approaches. I constantly reevaluate the relationship between form and material to create items of enduring beauty.

marco atelier

Marco was born in 1988 in Trieste, currently based in Brescia, Italy.
Marco has always demonstrated innate creativity and an artistic predisposition.
After studying graphics, he started immediate work in the industry and quickly discovered his strong manual skills and passion for quality craftsmanship.

He worked for several years in artistic glass and in 2015 he dedicated himself to the world of leather goods. Over the years he has had various passions, among these he has worked a lot in photography.